" Cutting the hair with the heart"

Skill is important. It is vital for any person to master one's skill to hone one's art.

However, the most important characteristic that forms a human being is generosity and courtesy. For instance, giving up your seat to a elderly, disabled or a pregnant woman, or expressing gratitude while looking at a person's eyes.

One may think that this is a natural instinct for a person to have, but look around your surroundings. Do you truly see everyone being generous and courteous to others?

Is it possible for a person who lacks the heart to connect and care about their customers? A customer desires a 'partner' that they can truly trust. The stylists in BRAVE sees their customers not just as a customer, but as a family. Everyone walks alongside one another and faces their jobs with honesty, transforming them not just into great employees, but extraordinary human beings.

The heart will always connect with others. Rather than cutting the hair with the mind, we cut each strand of hair with the heart. This is the policy that this company kept since it's first day.

With this policy in mind, I would like to expand the company throughout the world